NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC NETHERLANDS/BELGIE, March 2021, Publication of the story Coal Survivors in Ukraine
20 YEARS (October 2020)
Freelance photographers from the Low Countries contributed to the success of twenty years of National Geographic. Today they tell about a photo they took for us at the time. My story was about the Giants and the processions in Belgium and North France.

Publication Grand Format dans le magazine La Vie (France) en mars 2020

Parution dans le Geo France mai 2020 de la série Kid Jockeys
Publication de la série Saving Orangutans dans le Morgen du 22 février 2020
Publication in December 2019 of the story "Upper East Side Story" in New York in National Geographic Holland/Belgium edition
Publication in August 2019 of the story « Saving Orangutans » in National Geographic Holland/Belgium edition
​​​​​​​Catalogue of the exhibition of the series Kim City exhibited at Sirigaita in LISBON in November 2019 at PEP (Photographic Exploration Project)

 Istanbul Photo Awards 2019, March 2019, Story Sports 3rd Prize Winner with the series Taekwondo North Korea Style, publication of the book
Publication in Dodho Magazine 08 issue in June 2019 of the series Kim City (North Korea)

Parution dans Open Eye en septembre-octobre 2018 de la série Kushti, Grand Prix Collectif du Hérisson 2018 et expo à Arles en juillet 2018
June 2018
Client : South Korea Photo Magazine
Story : Interview and publication of the series Kid Jockeys which won the 1st prize of the 2018 World Press Photo contest in the Sports Stories category
April 2018
Client : Days Japan
Story : Publication of the series Brick Prison which won the 3rd prize of the 2018 Days Japan contest
Client : Belgium, De Morgen, Zeno Magazine
Story : Kid Jockeys
This series won 1st prize the category Sports - Stories in the World Press Photo Contest 2018

Feb-March 2018
Client : Animan (Swiztzerland)
Story : Indian Royal Wedding
Client : P3, Publico Online Magazine Portugal January 2018
Client : Lens Culture Online Magazine December 2017

Client : 24h01    October 2017
Story : Living for Death
Client : National Geographic Traveler France edition  August 2017
Story : Kushti

Client : National Geographic Holland/Belgium edition
Story : Lost Belgian Crystal
The Val Saint Lambert Crystal Works established in 1826 with, among other investors, King William I of the Netherlands, and later Leopold I, first King of the Belgians, remains the crowning jewel of Belgian heritage and a symbol of unparallelled quality for almost two centuries. Master craftsmen and crystal among the clearest in the world have brought renowned international acclaim to the glassworks company from the industrial region of Liège that employed up to 5 000 workers by 1900.

For centuries, goods primarily moved from East to West along the Silk and Spice routes. By the 19th century, Maharajahs, Nizams, Nawabs, and other members of Indian aristocracy with a taste for opulence, were turning to Europe to procure the most lavish items their disposable incomes could buy. 

Belgium's Val Saint Lambert, eager to export its savoir-faire, answered the call with panache offering made-to-order crystal chandeliers and other objects which soon adorned palaces, homes, mosques, synagogues and shrines throughout India.

This is the exclusive, untold story of a year-long journey in search of VSL crystal across India. 
Client : 24h01
Story : Crystal Palace
Client : National Geographic Belgium/Holland
Story : Dance of the Giants

Client : National Geographic Belgium/Holland
Story : Les Marches

Client : National Geographic Belgium/Holland
Story : Cosmopolitan Brussels 
Client : GEO Italia
Story : Con l'Italia nel cuore 
The story of Italian immigrants who worked in Belgian coal mines in the early 1950s.
Client : GEO Voyage France
Story : Ils gardent l'Italie au coeur
The story of Italian immigrants who worked in Belgian coal mines in the early 1950s.
Client : Paris Match/Belgium edition
Story : Les Marches
Client : GEO VOYAGE France
Story : Les Marches
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