2020 - 05  Bruxelles                  - 1st Prize Nikon Press Photo Awards in the category Stories with Saving Orangutans
2020 - 04 Tbilissi, Georgia        - Finalist at Kolga Contest 2020 with the series Kid Jockeys in the reportage category

2020 - 04  Amsterdam             - 1st prize at  WorldPress Photo with the series Saving Orangutans. First Prize in 2 categories ; Nature stories and Nature Single

2020 - 01  London TPOTY        - 1st Prize of the category Endangered Planet with the series "Saving Orangutans" https://www.tpoty.com/winners/
2020 - 01  Bangladesh            - Finalist with the series "Saving Orangutans" for the second edition of VOHH FOTO FEST 2020.

2019 -11   USA                         - Juror’s pick at 2019 AFAR Photo Awards with the picture Grandma Divers
2019 - 11 USA                          - 1st Prize at American Photography with the series Saving Orangutans ; 

2019 - 10 Trieste, Italy              - 1st prize for Projects & Portfolios and best author at Trieste Photo Days, Urban 2019 with the series Kim City

2019 - 10 Siena, Italy                 - 3rd place for the series Grandma Divers and Honorable Mention for the series Kim City both in the storyboard category 
                                                        during the Siena International Photo Awards 
2019-10 Switzerland-Lugano     - 1 st prize Wildlife and Nature category with the series Saving Orangutans and overall winner at Lugano Photo Days 2019. 
                                                         Exhibition October 12-27 in Lugano
2019 - 09  Georgia, Tbilissi         - Winner with the series Saving Orangutans at Tbilisi Photo Festival September 2019

2019 - 09 USA-Los Angeles         IPA 2019
                                                    - 1st Place / People /Portrait /with the series Grandma Divers,
                                                    - 2nd Place / Deeper Perspective/with the series Saving Orangutans, 
                                                    - 2nd Place / Editorial / Press/Photo Essay / Feature Story with the series Kim City, 
                                                    - 2nd Place / Editorial / Press/Sports with the series Taekwondo North Korea Style, 

2019 - 06 Spain-Barcelona       13TH POLLUX AWARDS 2019
                                                    - 1st prize and overall winner of the 13th Pollux Award in the Professional Section with 4 series -  Grandma Divers, Kim City, 
                                                       Taekwando North Korea Style and Saving  Orangutans

2019 - 06 San Francisco           USA, San Francisco Bay International Photography Competition
                                                   - 1st prize Portfolio Awards with two series, Grandma Divers and Saving Orangutans,
                                                   - 2nd Place Gold Award with Grandma Divers 10
                                                   - Gold Award with Saving Orangutans
                                                   - Silver Award with Taekwondo North Korea Style 

2019 - 05 Paris - France          PX3, Le prix de la Photographie de Paris 2019, State of the World 2019 contest; 1st Place in State of the World/“Heros among us”, 
                                                     - 1st prize-Grand Prize Winner in State of the World and State of the World Photographer of the year with the series Grandma Divers
                                                      https://px3.fr/winners/PX3/State%20of%20the%20World and https://px3.fr/winners/special/State%20of%20the%20World/57/
                                              2nd place Winner in Press, Gold in Press/Sports with the series Taekwando North Korea Style, 
                                              Gold in Press / Travel/Tourism with the series Kim City, https://px3.fr/winners/px3/2019/10501/
                                              - Bronze in Press / Nature/Environmental with the series Saving Orangutans, https://px3.fr/winners/px3/2019/10482/
                                              - Bronze in Portraiture / Wedding with Biker Wedding, https://px3.fr/winners/px3/2019/10440/

2019 - 04 USA-Florida                April 2019, International Photography Competition at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in Tampa, www.FMoPA.org
                                                    - 1st place in Nature category with the series Saving Orangutans
                                                    - 2nd place in Documentary category with the series Taekwando North Korea Style

2019 - 04 USA-Washington      - Focus on the Story Awards, 2nd place with the series Kid Jockeys and Honorable Mention with the series Brick Prison
2019 - 04 Moscow                      MIFA, Moscow International Foto Awards
                                                    - 2nd Place winner in Editorial with the Series Saving Orangutans; , Gold in Editorial/Environmental and Silver in Nature/Wildlife
                                                    - 1st place winner with the Series Grandma Divers;  in People, Gold in Editorial/Environmental, Gold in People/Portrait, Silver in People/Culture,
                                                       and  People Photographer of the Year for the series
                                                     - Series Miracle Mud; Gold in People/Culture
                                                     - Series Taekwondo North Korea Style; Silver in People/Culture

2019 - 04  USA                           - The Fence 2019, 8th Edition Winner in Nature with the series Saving Orangutans, 
                                                       THE FENCE is one of the largest traveling photography exhibitions in North America, reaching 8 million visitors annually 
                                                        through open air experiences in 8 cities across North America: Atlanta, Brooklyn, Boston, Calgary, Denver, Houston, Seattle, and
                                                         Sarasota >> see News 2019 for on-site pictures

2019 - 04  Alghero - Italy              - 1st place in the category “Travel” with the series Kim City in North Korea, Aspawards, Italy, Sardinia, Alghero, April 2019

2019 - 04  USA-Washington           2nd place with the series Kid Jockeys and Honorable Mention with Brick Prison at Focus on the Story Awards, Washington, 

2019 - 03   Istanbul - Turkey        - 3rd Prize Winner with the series Taekwondo North Korea Style, Story Sports at Istanbul Photo Awards 2019, March 2019,

2019 - 03   USA                            1st place Ultimate Animal Photo Contest in the category Commissioned Work with Saving Orangutans at Rangefinder, March 2019, 

2019 - 03   USA                            - Finalist Portrait category at Lens Culture, March 2019, with the series Grandma Divers

2019 - 03  UK-Japan                     - Shortlisted with 2 series at Sony World Photography Awards, March 2019 
                                                          Saving Orangutans shot in Indonesia
                                                          Taekwondo North Korea Style shot in North Korea

2019 - 01    Tokyo, Japan                - Silver Award in the Category Fine Art / Portrait at  2019 TIFA Tokyo International Foto Awards) with the series Miracle Mud

2019 - 01   Beverly Hills, USA          13th Annual Black & White Spider Awards    
                                                           - Honorable Mention in Sport | Kid jockeys  
                                                            - Honorable Mention in Photojournalism | Brick Prison  
                                                            - Honorable Mention in Sport | Kid Jockeys 
                                                            - Honorable Mention in Sport | Flying warriors 
                                                            - Nominee in People | Afghan Woman                    

2019 - 01    Australia                       - 1st place in 2018 IWPOTY (International Wedding Photographer of the Year) 
                                                           in the Category Film Photography/ Analog, with a picture
                                                           I shot on film with a 25 year old Leica that belonged to my friend and assistant at the time, known by everyone as Gus


2018 - 12   Valletta, Malta                 - 3rd place at Malta International Photo Award (MIPA) with the series Taekwando North Korea Style in Storytelling category 

2018 - 12     USA                                -   1st place Environmental Category at Chromatic Awards contest with Brick Prison in Bangladesh
                                                              - 1st place Sport Category at Chromatic Awards contest with Taekwando in North Korea,
                                                               - Honorable Mention in Travel Category at Chromatic Awards contest with Anniversary in North Korea
                                                                - Honorable Mention in Travel Category at Chromatic Awards contest with Mass Games in North Korea
                                                                - Honorable Mention in Portrait Category at Chromatic Awards contest with Miracle Mud in Romania

2018 - 12     England                           - Finalist with Taekwando in North Korea in the Category Portfolio - Faces, People, Cultures at TPOTY (Travel Photographer of the Year)   

2018 - 12   Sydney, Australia              - 1st prize Sport Category with the picture Taekwando in North Korea in Better Photography magazine 2018 Contest,

2018 - 11   Miami, USA                        - 1st prize in the International Photo Series competition at Miami Street Photography Festival (MSPF)  with the series Kushti  

2018 - 11   Vilnius, Lithuania               - Finalists (short list of 10 stories) of the 12th International Festival of Photojournalism 
                                                                 Vilnius Photo Circle with the series Kid Jockeys

  2018 - 11   Barcelona, Spain             - 1st prize, 12th Pollux Awards for Kid Jockeys in the category Sports series
                                                                - Honorable Mention, 12th Pollux Awards for Kid Jockeys in the category Children series 
                                                                - Honorable Mention, 12th Pollux Awards for Miracle Mud in the category Culture and Daily Life series
                                                                - Honorable Mention, 12th Pollux Awards for Brick Prison and Kid Jockeys in the category Documentary and Reportages series
                                                                - Honorable Mention, 12th Pollux Awards for Miracle Mud in the category People series
                                                                - Honorable Mention, 12th Pollux Awards for Brick Prison in the category Segregation & Human Rights 
                                                                  and https://www.thegalaawards.com/results-12th-pollux-awards-pro-section

2018 - 11  USA - ND Awards                  -  3rd place Bronze Award in Neutral Density Photography USA 
                                                                    in the category Editorial-Environmental for the series Brick Prison in Bangladesh
                                                                  - Honorable Mention in the category Editorial-Documentary for the series Urban Dominoes in China
                                                                  - Honorable Mention in the category Editorial-Environmental for the series Miracle Mud in Romania
                                                                  - Honorable Mention in the category People-Travel/Culture for the series Lady Divers in color in South Korea
2018 - 11   Moscow, Russia                 - 1st place and Photographer of the year in the category Events
                                                                 at MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards 2018 with the series Kid Jockeys 
                                                                 + Gold in the category People + Gold in Events-Sport + Bronze in Editorial-Photo Essay 
                                                                  with the series Kid Jockeys  MIFA Moscow Foto Awards
                                                         - Bronze in the category Editorial with the series the series Brick Prison

2018 - 11   New York, USA                   - 2nd place PDN’s World in Focus, Photo Essay category with the series Taekwando North Korea Style,     
2018 - 11    Amsterdam, Holland       - 1st place Sinchi Photography Competition 2018, category 'Series', 
                                                                with Kids Jockeys, https://sinchi-foundation.com/photography-competitio

2018 - 11    New York, USA                 - 1st place in the Portraits series category with the series The Last Lady Divers, 
                                                                 Photoplus 2018, Perspectives, A celebration on the Human Experience, 

2018 - 10    New York, USA                 - 1st place IPA (International Photography Awards), Professional Editorial Environmental with the series Miracle Mud 
                                                               - 1st place IPA (International Photography Awards), Professional Editorial Sports with the series Kid Jockeys

2018 - 10    Trieste, Italy                      - 1st prize Projects & Portfolio section of URBAN Photo Awards 2018 
                                                                 with the series Brick Prison https://urbanphotoawards.com/urban-2018-winners-photographers-announced
2018 - 09    Berlin, Germany               -  One of the 10 Winnners of PhotoWerkBerlin Street Projections 2018, Berlin,

2018 - 06    Alghero, Italy                     -  1st place of the category Travel (Aspa Awards) with the series Kid Jockeys, https://aspawards.com

2018 - 06, USA Washington, D.C.,       - 1st place, “Best Single Image” FOCUS ON THE STORY FESTIVAL for this image of a blood-splattered father and son 
                                                                  taken during the Ashura ceremonial procession in Hyderabad, India 
                                                                - 1st place “Best Series” (tie) for the series Who will save the Rohingya?

2018 - 05    France, Paris                      - Gold with the series Kid Jockeys in the Category Press/Sports, in the contest PX3 Paris,  
                                                                  - Silver with the series Brick Prison in the Category Press/Feature Story, in the contest PX3 Paris,  
2018 - 04    Amsterdam, Holland         - 1st place in the category Sports Stories of the World Press Photo, with the series Kid Jockeys, 
                                                                  or https://www.worldpressphoto.org/collection/photo/2018

2018 - 03    Tokyo, Japan                      - 3rd Prize, DAYS JAPAN International Photojournalism Awards 2018, with the series Brick Prison, 

2018 - 02    England, IPOTY                -  2nd Place, International Photographer of the Year, Editorial - Sports - with the series Kid Jockeys 

2018 - 02    Amsterdam, Holland        -  World Press Photo, nominee in the category Sports Stories with the series Kid Jockeys, 
                                                                  final results regarding the place on April 12 
                                                                  or https://www.worldpressphoto.org/collection/photo/2018
2018 - 01    France                            -   1st Place The Independent Photographer, Theme: emerging talent / Competition Judge: David Alan Harvey
                                                                  with one picture from the series Brick Prison (Bangladesh)  https://independent-photo.com/winners/ 

2018 - 01     USA                                -   1st Place Portfolio People category, One Life Award (Photo+, PDN), 
                                                                  with the series Living for Death

2018 - 01     USA                                -   1st Place People category, Chromatic Awards, 
                                                                  with the picture Green Palace (Varanasi, India)
                                                             -   1st Place Travel category, Chromatic Awards, 
                                                                  with the picture Bagan (Myanmar)      
2018 - 01    USA                                 -  PDN Annual 2018, 2nd place in Sports category with the series Kid Jockeys

2017 - 12     England                          -  1st Place and Travel Photographer of The Year 2017 (TPOTY), 
                                                                with the series Living for Death and Kushti, www.tpoty.com/winners/2017

2017 - 11     USA, Beverly Hills, CA     -  Honorable Mention in 4 categories, The Spider Awards, 12th Annual Edition, Category Children of the World with Afghan Girls, 
                                                                 Category Portrait with Thanaka (Myanmar), Category Photojournalism with Rohingyas (Myanmar 2 pict.), 
                                                                 Category People with Living for Death and Monks (Myanmar)

2017 - 11     Italy, Chiusi                    -   1st Prize Category StoryboardFestival Fotografico Diaframmi Chiusi, with the series Living for Death, .  

2017 - 11     Italy, Chiusi                    -   1st Prize of the entire competitionFestival Fotografico Diaframmi Chiusi, 
                                                                 with the series Living for Death,   www.diaframmichiusi.it/diaframmi-awards/

2017 - 10     USA, New York               -   1st Place Professional, Editorial, Photo Essay and Feature Story, 
                                                                  IPA, International Photography Awards, www.photoawards.com/winner/ with the series Living for Death,
2017 - 10     USA, New York                -   1st Place Professional, IPA, International Photography Awards, 
                                                                   Editorial, Sports with the series Kushti, www.photoawards.com/winner/

2017 - 10     USA, New York                 -   2nd Place Professional, IPA, International Photography Awards, www.photoawards.com/winner/ 
                                                                    Event, Traditions and Cultures with the series Living for Death              

2017 - 10     Italy, Trieste                       -   Honorable Mention, URBAN Intl Photo Awards, 
                                                                     Project and Portfolio category, with the series Living for Death

2017 - 10     Italy, Trieste                       -   Finalist, URBAN International Photo Awards, 
                                                                     Project and Portfolio category, with the series Rohingyas,

2017 - 10     England                              -   2nd Place, Renaissance photography, for the series Living for Death. www.renaissancephotography.org

2017 - 09     Spain, Barcelona                -   Finalist of the FC Barcelona Photo Awards with the series Kalari

2017 - 09     Germany, Berlin                  -   Finalist in the colour contest The Independent Photographer Annual 

2017 - 09     Germany, Osnabruck          -   1st Prize Photojournalism/Editorial Photography, Felix Schoeller Photoaward, with the series Living for Death

2017 - 08     Japan, Tokyo                       -   1st Prize Open Award, Nikon Japan Photo Contest 2016-2017,  for the series  Who will save the Rohingya? 

2017 - 08     Spain, Barcelona                 -   1st Place in the Editorial and Documentary and the Open Theme Categories, The 10th Pollux Awards, with the Kushti series , 
                                                                        the Rohingyas series, and Living for Death series, www.thegalaawards.com/10th-pollux-awards-winners

2017 - 08     Spain, Barcelona                 -   1st Place in the Sport Category, The 10th Pollux Awards, with the series Kushti,

2017-  07     Australia, Melbourne           -   1st Prize Documentary Category, Film and Photo Festival

2017 - 07     Georgia, Tbilisi                     -   Finalist in Documentary category, KOLGA  Photo Contest, with Kushti series and Living for Death series

2017 - 06     Russia, Moscow                   -   1st Prize and Editorial Photographer of the Year, International Foto Awards (MIFA), www.moscowfotoawards.com 
                                                                        with the series Who will save the Rohingya?  
2017 - 06     Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur      -   Top 3 Prizewinner in the Photostories category by Special Select Juror, Laura Valenti, Kuala Lumpur Photo Awards 2017, 
                                                                         for the series Living for Death, www.klphotoawards.com

2017 - 05     Italy, Siena                             -   Shortlisted, Siena International Photo Awards 2017, for 2 stories, Living for Death series and Rohingyas series, 
                                                                          and Remarkable Artwork Award for Living For Death series

2017 - 05     Brazil, Porto Allegre               -   1st Prize, Festfoto contest, with the series Living for Death series, www.festfoto.art.br/eng2016/call_results.html

2017 - 05     France, Paris                          -   Finalist category Press, Px3, Prix de la Photographie Paris, https://px3.fr/winners/px3/2017/ 
                                                                          with 2 series; Living For Death and Who will save the Rohingya?    

2017 - 04     Greece, Athens                       -   1st Place, Blank Wall Gallery - Monochrome contest with Kushti 

2017 - 04     USA, San Francisco                -   Finalist All About Photo Contest

2017 - 03     Australia, Melbourne              -   Finalist for Supreme Award in the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival with the picture Masks in Binche 

2017 - 03     Italy, Torino                              -   Won the Opera Segnalata - Highlight, Oasis Photo Contest 2017, in the category People with the series Living for Death 

2017 - 02     England, IPOTY                         -   2nd Place, International Photographer of the Year, EDITORIAL - DAILY LIFE – PROFESSIONAL, 
                                                                            with the series Living for Death 

2017 - 02     India, Chennai                          -    Photographer of the year in Editorial Category, Oneeyeland Awards, with the series Living for Death


2016 - 12     Italy, Rome                                -   4th Place Honorable Mention, Black & White International Award, Best Series, Kushti series
2016 - 12     Japan, Tokyo                             -   2nd Place Editorial-Photo Essay ProfessionalTokyo international Foto Awards (TIFA), with the series Living for Death
2016 - 12     Japan, Tokyo                             -   2nd Place Events-Sport Professional Tokyo international Foto Awards (TIFA), with the series Kushti
2016 - 11     USA, Beverly Hills, CA               -   Nominee, The Spider Awards, 11th Annual Edition, Category Sport, for Kushti
2016 - 10     Greece, Athens                         -   3rd Place Best portfolio, Blank Wall Gallery Best portfolio contest 2016
2016 - 10     USA                                            -   1st Place and Editorial Photographer of the Year 2016 for Editorial Documentary, 
                                                                             ND Awards (Neutral Density Photography), with the series Living for Death 
2016 - 10     USA                                             -   1st Place in Editorial Sports with the series Kushti, ND Awards (Neutral Density Photography)
2016 - 09     Italy                                             -   4th Place Honorable Mention, Siena International Photo Awards 2016,  with the series Kushti
2016 - 09     USA                                             -   1st Place Grand Prize Professional Category Photo Essay, PDN, Photo District News, 
                                                                              World in Focus contest, with the series Kushti 
2016 - 08     USA, Santa Barbara, CA            -   2nd Place, Photographer's Forum Magazine 36th Annual Spring Contest, Best of Photography, with the series Kushti 
2016 - 08     Germany, Munich                       -   1st Place Best of Show, Atelier Alen, We Love People photo contest, with Moharam (India)
2016 - 08     Croatia & Italy                             -   1st Place Winner Projects & Portfolio category, URBAN Photo Awards, with the series Kushti
2016 - 06     USA                                              -    Finalist street category, Lens Culture Street Photography Awards 2016, 
2016 - 05     USA                                              -   Winner people category, The Fence 2016, with the series Dreamland,
2016 - 02     USA                                              -   Nat Geo TRAVELLER Contest - Kushti - Merit Award (6th place) 
2016 - 02     Italy, Chiusi                                  -   2nd Prize storyboard, Diaframmichiusi Foto Festival, for the Kushti series


2015 - 09      France, Paris                                -   1st Place category Sports, FIPCOM, with the Kushti series, www.imarabe.org/fr/expositions/fipcom
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